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What skin conditions can benefit from Dead Sea minerals?

Studies by the Dead Sea Research Center (DSRC), a non-profit organization, have shown Dead Sea mud is useful for treating skin conditions. Some of the common skin conditions that Dead Sea Minerals can help are:

Dead Sea Minerals have a high sulfur content and useful in the cleansing required to purify the skin of acne sufferers.

Skin is assisted in eliminating toxins, regenerating new cells, increased circulation and general body purification, which has resulted in lengthening the duration of remission and has been recommended as an alternative treatment for the condition.

Dead Sea Minerals can assist in detoxifying, improving circulation and suppleness of the skin, and can assist in the general cleansing of the skin, necessary to remove the impurities that are otherwise trapped within the tissue.

Skin Allergies
The high magnesium and bromine content in the Dead Sea products is beneficial for anti-allergic due to its cleansing, detoxifying of the skin, providing smoothness and relaxation.

Atopic Dermatitis / Eczema 
Sever itching often subsides, clearing is usually good.

Dry Skin
Regular soaking with Dead Sea salts and then applying a moisturizer can also alleviate uncomfortable symptoms. High mineral content in the Dead Sea Salt, helps both in cleansing and replacing required electrolytes necessary for healthy skin.

Research into the benefits of minerals from the Dead Sea products has shown a 40% reduction in the depth of wrinkles.

Minerals in the mud found in the Dead Sea improve blood circulation necessary to reduce the inflammatory response, together with the detoxifying agent and general muscle relaxant.

Hair Loss 
By using Dead Sea Salt in cleansing the scalp, it improves the hair follicles ability to allow hair to grow, in turn reducing hair loss.

Dead Sea Salts contain sulfur in a natural form. In addition, the other minerals assist in detoxifying and cleansing which is vital to restoring the balance of cells to reduce the oiliness of the scalp.


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