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ODALISQUE has provided the local and regional market with high-quality natural skincare products since 1997. Our products are proudly cruelty and paraben free made with pure and natural ingredients (salts and minerals) extracted from the Dead Sea in Jordan.  

At Odalisque, our commitment to innovation and excellence sets us apart from our competitors. We stand by our mission and since 1997 and we have worked to adopt new methods to improve product's quality and customer satisfaction. We provide a variety of services and products to clients around the world.  

Our finished natural skin care/ Dead Sea minerals cosmetic line, combines the healing powers of the Dead Sea salt, mud, and brine with unique elements to create a dynamic portfolio of products for him and for her.  Dead Sea salt, mud, and brine are available in bulk through our raw material services. Odalisque also accommodates industrial services for customers, such as screening, filling and bagging, and bulk container loading.

Our factory is located in Ghor al Safi in Jordan and have a capacity of producing 20,000 tons of salt, 5,000 tons of mud, and thousands of tons of Dead Sea brine per year. Our capital is 1.12 million USD.

In addition to our business philosophy of providing quality Dead Sea products to the world, Odalisque pays particular attention to the environmental impact of our operations. We abide by all environmental laws and regulations to ensure that our ecological footprint is minimal and to ensure the sanctity of the Dead Sea.  All of the Company’s raw materials are processed without the use of chemical by-products to assure that the end product is as pure and natural as possible.

Mission & Vision  

Our goal is to make you live the experience as if you were taking a dip in the Dead Sea yourself. Since that might be costly, ODALISQUE CALIFORNIA decided to bring the experience right to your doorstep!

Vision: To keep our position as a leading company and major source for Dead Sea products and services.

Approach: To operate with responsible and excellent performance, applying innovative technologies and capitalizing on new opportunities to improve and expand our products and portfolio.

Additional Services

Screening Services
Odalisque's screening and grading services accommodate salts, potash, fertilizers, powders, and other materials within this category. Numeira uses several phases to de-lump, crush and screen the materials to ensure that you receive a product that is pure and with the highest physical quality possible.

Filling and Bagging
Odalisque provides a multitude of options to meet your industrial bagging needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities can accommodate a variety of materials, sizes, and bagging options. With a concentration on high quality and efficiency, Numeira works diligently to ensure that clients are satisfied through attention to detail and reliable, high performing machinery.

Bulk Container Loading
Odalisque provides container loading services using qualified systems to guarantee loading is done efficiently and with the highest performance using a fully computerized system. We can fill container with bulk materials of granules, salts, minerals, fertilizers, and other similar 



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